Kickoff Meeting of the Capacity Enhancement Program in Favor of Associations

The Ministry of State for Human Rights launched on Tuesday, September 26th, 2017, the first phase of the Capacity Enhancement Program dedicated to the associations working on the interaction with the UN human rights system. This phase concerns associations selected based on the call of interest in favor of three regions: the East (29 associations), Daraa-Tafilet (30) and Rabat-Sale-Kenitra (34).

 According to Mr. Hamid Benchrifa, the Director of Dialogue and Partnership with National Organizations, this program, covering all the regions by 2020 with an extent of three regions per year, will provide associations with necessary knowledge and competencies to interact with UN human rights system and enhance capacities for cooperation with treaty bodies. It aims to contribute to the elaboration and submission of NGO shadow reports, follow up the implementation of the recommendations and learn about Ecosoc status. It also seeks to present the procedures, follow up the condition of Ecosoc consultative status and create a network to follow up the elaboration and submission of the reports.

The program’s activities are not limited to only training, but involve also the organization of thematic debates with all local regional stakeholders in each region, about current HR issues and others related to the UN human rights system. This program paves also the way for the creation of spaces for action and the exchanges of experiences and good practices with the rest of local and international stakeholders as well as international participation. What is more, the associations will be accompanied by experts in elaborating and submitting national shadow reports to the competent mechanism for the next two years.

During the opening session, Mr. Mustapha Ramid, the Minister of State for Human Rights, recalled the consideration vested in the Constitution in favor of civil society as a partner in development and democracy lauding the roles played by the associations in promoting conventional practice of Morocco with UN mechanisms of human rights. He also presented the essential roles played by the Ministry of State in enhancing civil society capacities in different programs: capacity training and support of projects.

Participating also in this meeting is Mr. Mustapha El Khalfi, the Minister of State in Charge of Relations with the Parliament and Civil Society and Government’s Spokesperson indicating that there is an increase of the number of the associations active in many fields such as illiteracy, social development and human rights, including 4000 associations that are active in the area of human rights.

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