More than 400 Measures to Promote Democracy and Human Rights

The Steering Committee in charge of updating the National Action Plan for Democracy and Human Rights held on Wednesday, November 29th, 2017 a meeting to present and discuss the plan’s d

In his opening statement, Mr.El Mustapha Ramid, the Minister of State for Human Rights, recalled the importance of strategic planning in the area of human rights as an essential way to guide public policies in this regard. He highlighted that this plan is the fruit of a deep reform process that launched in the early 90’s.

According to the Minister, the plan’s elaboration process started in 2008 and lasted for two years. The plan has been updated twice in line with the new constitutional measures, national legal institutional framework and conventional practice. It was referred to the Government Council on May 22nd, 2017, adding that the same methodology adopted by the Steering Committee’s Secretariat has been kept in updating the plan anew in harmony with the latest developments that occurred in Morocco in all the fields. The outcome of the national dialogue for justice and the proposals of human rights organizations, except some controversial issues that are still under discussion.

To implement the participatory approach, the plan’s draft has been sent to more than 150 bodies representing the Parliament, governmental departments, judiciary, national institutions, and political parties, trade and professional unions, business unions, civil society organizations and the university for opinion “, added the Minister. It contains more than one 400 measures to promote democracy and human rights in Morocco.

This meeting, which lasted 5 hours, involved the presentation of the draft plan axes and the discussion of the Steering Committee’s proposals and observations regarding these four axes such as :( 1)democracy and human rights,(2) economic, social, cultural and environmental rights, (3) the protection of the categories of rights, (4) the legal and institutional framework.  


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