Underscoring the Importance of Official Audiovisual Documentation of Security Forces Interventions to Disperse Demonstrations

Responding to a question in Parliament asked by Mr. Madyan Noureddine, fROM Al-Istiqlal Group Unity and Parity on the “staunch return to security approach to deal with protests”, Mr. El Mustapha Ramid, the Minister of State for Human, emphasized the need for official audiovisual documentation of security forces interventions to disperse demonstrations in order to raise the public forces performance, control overstepping and determine the responsibilies of both public forces and demonstrators.

Public forces interventions, said the Minister, should respect three principles :( 1) legality, (2) proportionality and (3) responsibility. Regarding legality, the intervention should be legally justified based on the Law, in case the demonstration isn't declared, or it affects public security.  The intervention should also respect the formal rules stipulated by the law. Concerning proportionality, the public force should be used within the range of dispersing the demonstration, with no unjustified surpassing. Thus public forces should resort to negotiations and all the mediations to disperse the demonstration without recourse to force. When it comes to responsibility, any overstepping by the demonstrators or public forces is referred to justice.

Mr. Ramid recalled also that the right to demonstration is a fundamental role guaranteed by the constitution that should be protected and guaranteed by the State. This natural role should be practiced in line with the law, which requires a declaration to organize a demonstration on the public road in accordance with the law. In addition, the National Action Plan for Democracy and Human Rights suggests a number of measures to guarantee the right to demonstration and the protection of public security in accordance with the constitution and international standards.

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