Abdelhamid El Jamri

Born in Gueroeun in Morocco, Mr Abdelhamid El Jamri is Vice-President of the UN Committee on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of their Families.

Mr El Jamri is an expert at the European Union in economic development,and served as international consultant indevelopment project engineering. He isDirector of the Higher Institute forTraining and Development (France). He also chairs the International Network “Initiatives 21 for Development”: creation and implementation in several countries.

He conducted several programmes of integration and support for the socio-vocational integration of migrants in European countries, and developed training programmes for social integration actors.

This Moroccan expert has also carried out several missions on behalf of European and African governments, large-sizedenterprises and NGOs in project engineering, training, management and human resources optimization, migration management, group training, structure analysis, development of territorial programmes, development of international development strategies, programme evaluation, cooperation projects with the Maghreb and Africa, and support for civil society and development actors.

He is the author of several publications addressing the issue of migration.